A Very Warm Welcome !

EveryWhen offers a contemporary approach to practical, down-to-earth spirituality that positively infuses and informs your daily life. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you are part of the (sacred) web of life and its mysteries, and you can draw strength and encouragement from that connection.

EveryWhen draws on nature-based (shamanic) practices, art-of-living philosophy, stories, symbols, archetypes, dance and ceremony. Its experiential learning style addresses body, heart, mind and soul in relation to human and other-than-human beings. Through courses, coaching and community, you reconnect with inner and outer sources of inspiration, and enhance your intuitive ability to navigate your life in an empowered way.

EveryWhen offers:

  • Tools to reconnect with your original, creative and instinctual nature, address your existential questions and revitalise what is meaningful to you;
  • a 21st century approach to ancient techniques of healing and transformation that support your authentic power and life force;
  • 1:1 coaching, face-to-face workshops and online learning;
  • a dynamic, progressive community for sharing and learning together;
  • a warm, inclusive welcome to everyone who is interested in soulful personal growth;
  • an invitation to co-develop new organisational structures to move towards a resilient future together.

This page is currently still under construction, so you will find only the absolute essentials for now…

I hope you will revisit again soon,

See You EveryWhen! Eline